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Breeders contact the IOEBA to get listed on the internet's #1 page for Olde English Bulldogges!
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Rio Bravo Bulldogges is a proud family owned kennel. We breed stragetically, doing our best to produce  pups that meet the breed standard. We believe a healthy, athletic & bully looking Olde English Bulldogge is the perfect bulldogge. All of our dogs come with life time temperament guarantees & full contracts protecting our customers. We truly enjoying raising and loving our dogs, we couldn't imagine raising any other breed. If you have any questions regarding pups or even stud services feel free to contact us at any time! :) Thanks, Jonathan & Kamria Perrien

Contact Information: (417) 761-3423 or     Visit Breeder's Website




    Micro Bullies has over 25 years of passionate expertise of breeding bully breeds and the priorities of
   our breeding program are simple.  We are committed to applying our proven 25 plus years of
   experience and knowledge to producing Bantam Bulldogges that possess a temperament that allows
   them to excel as wonderful family companions, that exhibit correct structure per the approved
Bantam Bulldogge's breed standard set forth and created by the IOEBA.

Contact Information: (417) 554-0946 or     Visit Breeder's Website




    Top quality English Bulldogs, Foundational, Generational Oldes and Rare Colors. Trinity Bulldogges is a
   top of the line, quality experienced breeder having raised and bred Oldes since 2007.  We are a family
   breeder with families in mind, as our dogges are raised with our children in a playful and loving setting.
   Families stay connected! So we offer a secret group on Face Book exclusively for our clients!
   Looking forward to serving you! Find us on Face Book! Trinity Bulldogges of Oklahoma

Contact Information: (918) 703-8041 or     Visit Breeder's Website




    Insightout's goal is to contribute to the betterment of the Olde English Bulldogge breed through   
   responsible breeding practice focused on health and temperament.  We are a small, family owned OEB
   kennel and art studio nestled on 13 acres deep in the pineywoods of East Texas.  We have raised
   bulldogs and taught art for many years.  We enjoy our teaching careers but are looking forward to
   retirement when we can fill our days with only Bulldogges & creative endeavors!

Contact Information: (903) 549-3424 or     Visit Breeder's Website
 expires: 01/20/19



 Avery's Acres is a small kennel situated on a 23 acre hobby farm in Shiloh, Ohio. Our bullies are loved and vet cared for by the owners of the farm. They have lots of room to run and play, which serves this breed well as they have lots of energy to burn. This makes our dogs happy and stress-free. Our puppy mommies are happy and train their litters well.   We hold our puppies to help make them socially adjusted. We have customer testimonials and references available on our web site, as well as pictures of our parents and puppies. Our sire is son of  "What a Mug, Oz the Mad Russian". If you're looking for a wonderful, happy, well adjusted Olde English Bulldogge, you need to click on the link below and contact us.



Contact Information: (419) 295-0369 or     Visit Breeder's Website
expires: 05/1/19













The IOEBA recommends that you do your research
when purchasing your new puppy to assure that all steps are taken to find a reputable breeder. 

The IOEBA assumes No Responsibility and all background checking on breeders should be done by the purchaser.

The IOEBA recommends using a
sales contract when selling or buying a dog.

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