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  The Olde Boston Bulldogge is the original Boston Bulldog.  This breed is of the original type and form that is documented by many old historic photos. 

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is the breed that was once known as the round-headed Bull and Terrier of the Boston area.

It is believed that the Olde Boston Bulldogge is the breed from which the Boston Terrier was developed, therefore the early history of the Olde Boston Bulldogge is the same as for the Boston Terrier.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is a separate and distinct breed from today's Boston Terrier.

What is an Olde Boston Bulldogge today?
  The Olde Boston Bulldogge is a very rare breed that has a history that can be traced back via the IOEBA to some documented and recorded purebred lineages or bloodlines.

Some examples of these recorded bloodlines are the lines of Olde Boston Bulldogges bred by the late Neil Rutan, the late Charles McCaughin, and the Henley family.  

The IOEBA can trace back many of the above bloodlines for numerous generations with some having an IOEBA documented history of several decades.

However due to this rare breed having such a restricted and limited traceable gene pool, it has become necessary to accept "foundation" Olde Boston Bulldogges for IOEBA registration. 

A foundation breeding can be a cross of a Boston Terrier to a few other bully breeds to create a dog of a certain phenotype to begin or add to a structured Olde Boston Bulldogge breeding program.

These foundational Olde Boston Bulldogges are generally referred to as F1 – F3s and it is indicated as such on their IOEBA registration paper work.

Reputable foundation breeders will often have several IOEBA breeders that they work with for accountability, mentoring, and reference.  

Foundation breedings must be approved by the IOEBA before registration is approved or granted.   Breeders are required to work closely with the registry, to help insure that their program is as historically accurate as possible.  Because of this, not all bully breeds will be approved for a foundational Olde Boston Bulldogge breeding program.  

For information on approved dogs for foundational breedings contact the International Olde English Bulldogge Association

Visit the Olde Boston Bulldogge Chat Board

  This chat board was established to discuss, educate and promote the betterment of IOEBA registered Olde Boston Bulldogges with an emphasis on history, training and breeding as well as & Frequently Asked Questions concerning this rare breed.

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