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 Grand Champion - American Pit Bull Terriers

    Registered Name                                                               Owner                                

    GR. CH. Valley's Balazar                                         Dean & Michelle Valley              
GR. CH. Yinger's Aston Martin                                     Cindy Yinger                              

 Grand Champion - Olde Boston Bulldogges

   Registered Name                                                                Owner                                        

   GR. CH. Wired's Kodiak of Rio Bravo                       Wired Kennels                   


 Grand Champion - Olde English Bulldogges

    Registered Name                                                              Owner                                   

    GR. CH. Hog House's Young Vito of Dogg Tired  
       Marcus Wortham

    GR. CH. Law Dog's Ruger Rebellion                        Leslie Kruse

    GR. CH. Mischief AZ's Roscoe P. Coletrain             Tim & Terri Smith 


 Champion - American Pit Bull Terriers

Registered Name                                                              Owner                                  

CH. Valley's Batista                                                 Dean & Michelle Valley

CH. X-Line's Juggernaut of LNF     
                         Tracy & Richard Mills  

CH. Yinger's Big Blue Chevy                                   Cindy Yinger

 Champion - American Bully

Registered Name                                                            Owner                                 

CH. G-town's Skarlet O' Hara                                 Jasper Floyd

 Champion - Banter Bulldogges

Registered Name                                                            Owner                                   

CH. Debo of DBK's Bullys                                        Ashley Boysen

CH. Nahla of DBK's Bullys                                       Ashley Boysen

CH. Pearl Hart of DBK's Bullys                               Megan Wood


 Champion - Bantam Bulldogges

Registered Name                                                           Owner                                   

CH. Lira's Col. Piggy Small                                        Robert Lira

CH. Redgator's Tito                                                Robert Halford      


 Champion - English Bulldogs

Registered Name                                                           Owner                                 

CH. Klean Bulldogs' Bubba                                       Jessica Stuker 

CH. Klean Bulldogs' Little Willy Wonka                    Lujuan Tillman 

CH. Tx Windstorm's Big Mack                                  Sabrina Bryant     

CH. Klean Bulldog's Trina Tri Coco                           Lujuan Tillman  

 Champion - Olde Boston Bulldogges

Registered Name                                          Owner                                    Breeder

CH. Wired's Ashley                               Wired Kennels                          Nathaniel Rutan

CH. Wired's D' Jango                              Bucky Haws                            Peyton Maxwell
CH. Wired's Duke
                                Wired Kennels                            Velma Moore

CH. Wired's Fannela Penrose        Erin McDonald & Cindy Russell           Wired Kennels

CH. Wired's Hoss   
                              Wired Kennels                           Velma Moore

CH. Wired's Lady of Roundhead
        Wired Kennels                            Wired Kennels

CH. Wired's Willy                                 Wired Kennels                            Peyton Maxwell


 Champion - Olde English Bulldogges

Registered Name                                          Owner                                    Breeder

CH. 7 Acres' The Bulldog Braddock       JaNae Archer

CH. Beachbulldogges' Dozer                 Shawn Beringer                        Chuck Coffey

CH. Bellfarm's Holly Berry                     Mandie Martine

CH. Bellfarm's Repo's A Winner            Mandie Martine

CH. Blackmon's Justice                         Leslie Kruse                     Paul & Jessica Stanton

CH. B.L.B.'s Echo of Mooch                  Lona Fuller               Richard Brunner & William Mullikin

CH. Charley Brown Rosette               JaNae Archer & Michelle Archer    Beth Bowling

CH. Currahee's Bodacious Bull of T & N   Eric & Natalee Dean          

CH. Dragon Slayer's Tonic
                      Leslie Kruse                          Mike Tucker

CH. Full of Bull's Blossum
                         Bonnie Kelly                          Willie Knott

CH. Glory Sands of Olde Southern Bully 
Tiffany Stacy                        Tiffany Stacy

CH. Golden Gate Bulldogges' Boss Man  
Pablo Goytia                          Bonnie Kelly

CH. Johnson's Phelps                             
 Mary Johnson

CH. Jughead's Titanium                           Richell Walsh                          Richard Luna

CH. Kelly Bulldogges' Lucky Lilly             
Bonnie Kelly                           Bonnie Kelly

CH. KRB's Wyatt Earp                              Ron & Sandy Wall                      

CH. Law Dog's Ruger Rebellion                Leslie Kruse

CH. Lira's Smelly Mojo                              Robert Lira                           Sylvia Ware

CH. McLeain's Bossman                            Cedric McLeain

CH. Mullins' Heavy Chevy Nova                Mullins' Hot Rod Bulldogges         

CH. Noble Bull's Tank                                Noble Bull Kennels                 Noble Bull Kennels

CH. PHX's Blue's Blue Chopper
                 Paul Goytia                           Chad Smith

CH. PHX's Blue Legend                             Chad Smith                          Chad Smith
CH. PHX's Blue Prime  
                             Chad Smith                          Chad Smith

CH. PHX's Blue Steel
                                 Rio Bravo Bulldogges             Chad Smith

CH. Power Bullies' Silas                            Lona Fuller                        Michael Hughes

CH. Quanah's Big Sexy Dozer                   Quanah Castillo

CH. Queen Anne's Revenge                    Heather Meyers                Shipwreck Kennels

CH. Sean's Joanie                                     Karen Kay                         Sean Hodder

CH. Summit's Something About Scarlett  JaNae Archer

CH. Teresi's Dottie May                            Stacey Teresi

CH. Texas Geez' Blue Romo         Jorge Rodriguez & Ruben Villalpando   Willie Sullivan

CH. Texas Outlaw's Saleen                     Sabrina Bryant                            


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